Biostein Eyeglass Fluid

14.90 EUR


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Capacity: 60 ml.

Biostein eyeglass fluid has been developed according to the latest advances in biochemistry. Using Biostein eyeglass fluid, you create a so-called Lotus effect on the surface of your eyeglasses, no matter whether they are mineral or plastic, non-reflecting or tinted. Dirt can no longer stick to the eyeglass surface. Your field of view will stay nice and clear for a longer time. Even distracting reflections as a result of sideway incidence of light are a thing of the past.

Before first use, touch the eyeglasses with your fingertips. Afterwards, you will notice an obvious difference. Even after dozens of uses no film or coating will form on your glasses.
Suited for:

  • Eyeglasses of all kind

  • Optical devices

  • Binoculars

  • Camera lenses

  • Displays

  • TV sets

  • Microscopes

  • CDs and DVDs

    Biostein eyeglass fluid is optically neutral, extremely economical to use, environmentally friendly, anti-allergic, and completely nontoxic. Contains no solvents or alcohol. Coating of the glasses, sealings, and other parts remain unaffected. Coatings on computer and TFT displays are fully protected.
    Easy to use: Spray on Biostein eyeglass fluid and dry with a lint free cloth or microfibre cloth.
    60ml pump spray bottle (good for about 1 year)