BioStein Car Shine

23.00 EUR


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capacity: 500 ml.

With BioStein® car shine, the non-polluting vehicle-care, you polish and seal your MOTOR VEHICLE in one workstep. - As simple as dusting!

Simply wash your vehicle, then thinly apply BioStein® car shine with a cloth on the dry or wet vehicle and after drying simply wipe off. Your vehicle will shine immediately, no matter if new or old. You will be surprised!

BioStein® car shine adds protection and shine for approximately 12 months!

BioStein car shine in the bottle, capacity 500 ml.

ATTENTION: From 3 pieces on you only pay 16,50 € per bottle, we offer a discount of 6,50 €, from 10 pieces on you will receive additional 1 bottle free of charge, from 20 pieces you will receive additional 2 bottles, and so on! You will be able to change the quantity in the shopping cart.