RENOVATEUR (wood and furniture care)

24.90 EUR


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Contains: 500 ml

Cleaning Care Restoration

Regenerates and restores wooden and lacquered surfaces

  • Cleans and preserves nearly all kinds of wooden surfaces, like cupboards, tables, doors, icons, panels, stairs, parquet and laminate floors, as well as carvings

  • Removes water and alcohol stains, streaks, and grey films

  • Scratches get taken care of

  • Effortlessly removes shoe marks, shoe polish, tar stains, nicotine, finger prints, fat stains, etc.

  • No matter if dyed light or dark, shiny or matt, RENOVATEUR furniture care is suited for all wood types, oil colours, metal colors, marble and and parquet. Even artificial leather, and natural as well as artificial stone surfaces will look new.

  • Note: surfaces to be treated may not be impermeable through polyester or two component lacquers.