BioStein Microfibre Cloth

6.50 EUR


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Size: 40x40 cm

Size 40 x 40 cm

The Wondercloth:
The BioStein Microfibre Cloth is made of special cleaning fibres and removes water soluble and greasy soilings effortlessly and without cleaning agent. For the sake of our environment.

Where can you use it?
The Microfibre Cloth can be used anywhere in the home. Window panes, smooth surfaces, computers, stereos, windscreens, plastics, glass surfaces, and lots more you can clean with it!

How do you use it?
You can use the Microfibre Cloth dry, damp or wet. For tough soilings you can also use it with our BioStein cleaning agent.
When your Microfibre cloth is very soiled, wash it at 90 degrees (do not add fabric softener).