BioStein hand wash paste

8.90 EUR



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Capacity: 700 g

Biostein hands clean!

from 3 pieces on only 7,95 per piece

Highly active hand wash paste for garage, hobby and housekeeping.

  • Simply, fast, and effortlessly removes heavy and profound soilings on your hands

  • Removes fat, oil, grease, diesel oil, fuel, acid, bases, and a lot of other contaminations.

  • Without silicon and solvents

  • With natural abrasives for more powerful cleansing

  • More powerful than conventional hand wash pastes based on wood dust

  • Blocks no drains

  • Contains no wood dust

  • Kind to the skin, even if used frequently

  • Dermatologically tested. Produced according to the EU Cosmetics Guidelines

  • Bio-degradable

  • More economical and efficient than conventional hand wash pastes